Frequetly ask question

1. Is it true, that the whiter the nests, the better quality?

White swallow nests are either grayish or yellowish white, not pure white. Darker color nests are much cheaper. Some manufacturers bleach their nest, resulting in white nests. This nest can then be sold at a higher price. Bleaching will degrade the quality of the nest The nest will be thin, dissolved after cooking and does not have egg-like fragrance smell.

2. How to determine whether the nests were bleached or not ?

Obtain good quality nests from a reputable brand or purchase it from a trusted retailer. Generally bleached nests have these characteristics: the nests are evenly white in color, thinner nests due to bleaching effect, the nests does not expand much when soak in water and the nests dissolved after being cooked and do not have any fragrance smell. Good nests will expand 4-8 times when soak in water. It does not dissolved when cooked and have a strong egg-like smell.

3. Swallow bird nests are small in size, how can it accommodate a couple?

Swallow birds only build the nest for laying of eggs which subsequently develop into chicks. The coupled-birds do not live inside the nest as it just perches on the edge of the nest.

4. 4. Swallow birds are being farmed to produce nests, why the price of swallow nests is still very high ?

The price is high due to the demand. Even though the nest is produced in farm, the swallow birds are still from the wild as they will still fly out to find their food in the nature. They are not kept in captivity. and the number of swallow birds is limited by the insect population in any areas. It is quite difficult to boost the supply when there is a strong demand thus resulting in higher price.